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24 Hours Emergency Services
Light Plumbing
We replace or repair sinks, faucets, traps, toilets, sump pumps, water heaters, leaks, broken water lines, and conduct nearly any other type of plumbing repair needed. If you need to have old or new laundry equipment, dishwasher or garbage disposer reinstalled or installed, we can be of service, too.
Gas Fitting
We specialise in all aspects of gas fitting, including installation, servicing and maintenance of gas appliances, regular water heaters and instantaneous hot water units, gas service line replacements, commercial kitchens and more.
Drains Cleaning
When your drains are not functioning properly, it is an emergency situation and needs to be addressed immediately. We provide quality services at a fair price. You can rely on the expertise of our knowledgeable technicians in solving drainage problems with any diameter pipes.

Video Inspections
A small diameter head video camera with can be sent down a sewer or drain line to inspect the condition of the pipe. Our inspection can help you locate roots, grease build-ups, sags, shift, deep, low spots or no level, cracks, and other problems in the pipe. Once the problem is identified and located, we can provide a recording on DVD and recommend a solution to the problem.

Jetter Flushing
A high pressure water jetter has proven effective in most situations. It is specifically used to eliminate difficult problems such as heavy grease, dirt, or sand sifting into a crack or broken line. A video camera inspection can be done at the same time to show the condition of the pipe before and after cleaning.
Pipe Line Locator
Our locator navigates to the location of underground pipes quickly and easily. We can send a small transmitter down sewer, drain, or other pipes. It tracks energized lines with ease and is utilized for locating a problem spot in a damaged line.

Grease trap cleaning
Our service includes removal of the lid, pumping out food and grease waste from the grease trap, disposing of the grease, inspection of both inlet and outlet pipes and removal of any obvious blockages (i.e. grease, stir sticks, etc.) manually, and placing the lid in the original position.

Sign a service agreement with us for the grease trap service to be regularly conducted with intervals suited to your needs. We will perform a water jetter cleaning and a video inspection of all of you kitchen pipes at an exclusive price. If you have a damaged or broken grease trap, we will schedule a replacement service at the time convenient for you and offer a competitive price.

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